Zoom Teeth Whitening

What is Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Zoom Whitening is a fast, safe, and effective teeth whitening treatment that can help you achieve a brighter smile. This treatment uses a patented Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp and a special whitening gel to bleach your teeth. The power of laser teeth whitening accelerates the bleaching process, giving you a whiter smile fast!

Show off a brighter smile with Zoom Teeth Whitening. No matter your dental hygiene practices, staining and discoloration naturally occur over time — get your smile back with help from our team at Hess Orthodontics. You can visit us with questions or concerns or schedule your appointment online today.

Benefits of Zoom Teeth Whitening

Staining and discoloration occur naturally over time, making your smile appear dimmer and often lowering self-confidence. With Zoom Teeth Whitening, you can smile with pride again. Here are a few advantages to getting this treatment:

Speed: A whitening toothpaste or another treatment method might achieve results eventually, but with Zoom, you get quick teeth whitening in just one hour.

Professionalism: You get experienced service from a knowledgeable team that works on teeth every day.

Comfort: Even those with sensitive teeth can get this procedure, as the gel is specifically formulated not to hurt teeth and gums.

What to expect from Zoom Whitening

Your Zoom whitening procedure has three main steps.

1. Consultation and cleaning

Before visiting Hess Orthodontics for whitening, see your primary dentist for a regular checkup. Your dentist will discuss your teeth and gum health and determine whether whitening is right for you. This routine checkup will also eliminate plaque and surface stains, creating a smooth surface that will make your treatment more effective.

2. Procedure

After visiting your dentist, you can schedule an appointment with us. You’ll come to our office and share some medical history, like existing health conditions or tooth implants. Then, we can begin treatment, which lasts only an hour. We cover your lips and gums, apply a gel to your teeth and turn on the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp for 15 minutes. We reapply the gel twice more and treatment is done.

3. Aftercare

After completing treatment, we apply a protective gel to reduce teeth sensitivity. We also give you a touch-up kit and aftercare instructions to maintain your gorgeous smile.

Why choose Hess Orthodontics?

At Hess Orthodontics, we continuously improve our treatment options to provide the best experience for our patients. We invested in Zoom Teeth Whitening because it is an effective and professional teeth whitening treatment that also improves shine and reduces sensitivity. Beyond investing in the best whitening technology, our orthodontists have the expertise to address your needs with over 14 years of experience.

We also provide caring service. We’re willing to answer questions and concerns before scheduling an appointment or starting treatment so that you feel comfortable with the procedure. During appointments, we strive to make patients feel safe. We also shape each appointment to individual patient goals.

How much does Zoom Whitening cost?

On average, teeth whitening costs about $600. This cost includes the treatment process and the aftercare supplies we provide. While insurance doesn’t typically cover this procedure, we offer several flexible payment plans that make the treatment more accessible to many patients.

Get in touch with us

Zoom laser teeth whitening can give you the confidence to show off your smile daily. Schedule an appointment today by reaching out to our team online.