Most common teeth problems in kids

From 6 months to 12 years old, children are growing and losing teeth fast, so their oral health is of the utmost importance. Like adults, kids are susceptible to various tooth and mouth issues that could affect their health.

Discover common mouth and tooth problems in children so that you can take the next step in getting your kids help when they need professional solutions for their oral health.

1. Cavities

Cavities, or tooth decay, are the most common tooth problems in kids. This decay happens when plaque accumulates on a tooth’s surface and eats away at its protective enamel. A child’s love for sugar, inefficiency at brushing and flossing their teeth, or poor oral hygiene are often reasons why they develop cavities.

Supervising your children — especially when they’re young — is crucial as they learn to brush their teeth and properly maintain their oral hygiene. Doing so can help your kids prevent tooth decay.

If a cavity occurs, the best solution is to take your child to your dental provider for a tooth filling, which restores function and structure to the damaged tooth. Your child could also benefit from dental sealants, which protect their teeth and prevent cavities.

2. Pediatric gum disease and gingivitis

While you may think of gum disease and gingivitis as conditions only adults get, they can also affect children. Gingivitis is a precursor to gum disease, so your child could get gum disease if you do not treat their gingivitis correctly or on time. Symptoms of this condition include swollen, red gums and slight bleeding when flossing or brushing.

If your child progresses to having gum disease, they could experience more aggressive symptoms. Gum disease can result in gum recession, pain and swelling. Poor oral hygiene can cause a child to develop gingivitis and pediatric gum disease, so ensure your child takes care of their teeth properly.

When your child is suffering from gingivitis or gum disease, take them to see a professional so they can receive the necessary treatment.

3. Malocclusions

Another common problem kids face is having misaligned teeth or bite issues, also known as malocclusions. These problems happen when an individual’s top and bottom teeth don’t align properly when their mouth is closed. It’s common for kids to have these issues, especially when their teeth are crowded or crooked. Children can also have malocclusions if their jaw isn’t aligned.

Most times, malocclusions aren’t severe enough to pose risks to a child’s health or function and can easily be corrected with child orthodontist treatments like braces or clear aligners, such as Invisalign®. However, there are some cases where more severe issues require surgery. Your dental provider may send your child to an orthodontist who can assess their malocclusion and provide a solution to correct the problem before it worsens.

You may want to bring your child to an orthodontist for early treatment so that they can monitor the teeth and jaw development and suggest corrective solutions if needed.

4. Sensitive teeth

Some kids also have sensitive teeth. While not all sensitive teeth are harmful, experiencing discomfort because of them is not normal. Tooth sensitivity can indicate an underlying issue, such as tooth decay, cracks or enamel erosion. When your child comes to you talking about their teeth hurting or being sensitive for a while, it may be a good idea to visit the dentist.

5. Dental injuries and emergencies

Other common teeth problems for kids include receiving damage while playing with each other and during sports. Kids can chip a tooth, fracture roots or get a tooth intrusion on accident if they run into each other or a standing object. When your child experiences an orthodontic injury or emergency, ensure you have a pediatric dentist or orthodontist who can help. Receiving treatment as soon as possible will help your child feel better and prevent future issues from occurring due to the injury.

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