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16307 Fishhawk Blvd., Lithia, FL, 33547

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Monday:        8:00am to 5:00pm
Tuesday:        7:00am to 4:00pm
Wednesday:  9:00 am to 6:00pm
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Visit some of the best orthodontists in Fish Hawk, Lithia, FL

Hess Orthodontics is proud to serve you and your family at our state-of-the-art facility in Lithia, Florida. Our top-notch orthodontic team is committed to ensuring a welcoming environment and the best care as the go-to family orthodontist for Fish Hawk, Lithia. Our orthodontic specialists have the ability and training to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Schedule a complimentary consultation with some of the best orthodontists in Fish Hawk, Lithia today!

The leading child and adult orthodontist in Lithia, Florida

Our orthodontists and clinical team at our Lithia office are ready to impress you and your kids with these incredible orthodontic services: 

  • Quality invisible braces: Hess Orthodontics in Lithia, FL, is an Invisalign® Provider and offers Damon Clear braces, presenting you with two inconspicuous clear teeth aligner options to make you more confident in your smile.
  • Modern metal braces: Unlike traditional metal braces, contemporary Damon Metal braces offer a self-ligating design, providing a comfortable alignment treatment and fewer visits to our offices.
  • Early pediatric treatment: Our pediatric growth guidance program identifies and treats potential orthodontic issues early, improving jaw and tooth development and reducing the risk of gum disease through expert child orthodontist treatments.
  • Lifetime orthodontic retainers: Whether you require permanent or removable retainers, our Lithia, Florida, office offers a lifetime retainer program that makes keeping your smile alignment affordable with free replacement retainers for life.
  • Advanced teeth whitening: Show off your pearly whites with our technologically advanced Opalescence Boost teeth whitening treatment, offering a quick and easy way to keep stains and discoloration at bay.

Select Hess Orthodontics for improved oral health

Scheduling regular appointments at our friendly family orthodontist office in Lithia, Florida, gives you and your family access to the latest treatments available and benefits you in several ways:

  • Detect issues early: Regular visits to our team of orthodontic specialists allow us to identify possible dental issues before they become more severe problems.
  • Reduce tooth wear: Our orthodontists provide treatment to ensure your teeth are correctly aligned to reduce unnecessary wear to prevent long-term tooth damage.
  • Enhance speech clarity: Proper teeth and jaw alignment through professional orthodontic care can improve your ability to speak clearly.
  • Improve chewing functionality: Visiting our Lithia offices to check and align your jaw and teeth ensures you can chew comfortably and correctly.
  • Optimize oral hygiene: Frequent orthodontist visits are an ideal way to reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease, promoting better overall oral health.

Your trusted and friendly family orthodontist in Lithia, FL

At Hess Orthodontics, we care about your family’s oral health and strive to provide first-class orthodontic treatments and a comfortable and relaxing experience. Our Fish Hawk office is conveniently and centrally located directly across from Randall Middle School and Newsome High School, in the same building as Fish Hawk Oral Surgery. That means that regardless of your needs, our Lithia office is the place to be. Get started with your complimentary consultation today and ensure your family enjoys optimal oral health.