Damon Braces

Damon Braces treatment

Enhancing your smile can boost your confidence and improve your health. With Hess Orthodontics, you can enjoy a more relaxed and discreet way to straighten the alignment of your teeth than traditional metal braces. Learn about our Damon Clear and Damon Metal options for teens and adults. Schedule a free consultation today! 


What are Damon Braces?

Orthodontists use braces to create a more comfortable and healthy smile. By applying consistent pressure to your teeth and gums, the treatments help align your teeth into an ideal position and create a beautiful smile with long-lasting results.

Our innovative and lightweight options work a little differently than traditional braces. The Damon brackets secure the wire without elastic ties. Also, our treatments use a self-ligating design to align your teeth more comfortably and efficiently.

Types of braces treatments

Our orthodontists provide customized treatments to align your teeth so you can smile with pride. We offer ways to see transformative results with the following options:

Damon Clear: This nearly invisible design is less noticeable throughout your treatment.

Damon Metal: This modern system uses metal with a smaller size and profile than conventional braces options.

Damon Braces work a little differently than normal braces. This patented braces system has brackets that open and close like a door, securing the wire without elastic ties. The self-ligating design of Damon Braces aligns teeth with fewer appointments and lesser overall treatment time. With Damon Braces, patients get to enjoy the perks of a healthier smile without the hassle.

Benefits of choosing Damon Braces

Enhancing your smile can provide a straighter alignment and more balanced bite pattern, making your teeth healthier and more protected over time. Additional advantages of the Damon System include:

  • Quicker treatment: Damon Braces continuously move your teeth into place, often leading to faster results in a shorter period.
  • Increased comfort: The slide mechanism that moves your teeth into place is more comfortable than the wires used in traditional designs.
  • Enhanced hygiene: A system without elastics makes it significantly easier and more convenient to floss and brush your teeth.
  • Better overall health: A more symmetrical smile sets your gums and teeth up for long-term success by creating fewer hard-to-reach areas in your mouth, so you can clear debris more effectively and prevent issues.
  • Fewer appointments: A Damon treatment leads to fewer office visits because the slide mechanism continuously shifts your teeth into place and removes the need for regular elastics adjustments.

What's the treatment timeline for Damon Braces?

We provide personalized braces treatments suiting each person’s condition. The results vary per patient, and we can provide you with an estimated time for your treatment during a consultation.

While you may start to see results in a few weeks, the average treatment time for braces is between 16 to 18 months. Teens and children tend to have more flexibility for change in their mouth structures and may have quicker treatment timelines than adults.

Contact Hess Orthodontics to get started.

At Hess Orthodontics, we work with you to personalize your smile journey. Our experts use cutting-edge technology to assess teeth alignment and other conditions. We provide professional insight and offer recommendations based on your dental health. We know no two smiles are the same, so we will tailor a plan that addresses your concerns and suits your goals. Our team can answer any questions and discuss ways to pay for your treatment plan over time with flexible financing options. To get started, schedule your free initial consultation today!