Damon Braces

An innovative alternative to traditional braces

Braces are a common orthodontic treatment for teenagers and adults. They work to straighten teeth, improve oral health and boost your confidence. Hess Orthodontics offers innovative Damon Braces in Riverview, Lithia, Apollo Beach, Parrish, Sarasota and Winter Haven. With self-ligating brackets, the Damon Braces System aligns your teeth more comfortably and discreetly.


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What are Damon Braces?

Damon Braces have revolutionized the orthodontic industry. These self-ligating braces work through a combination of brackets attached to your teeth and a thin archwire running through each fixture. Your Riverview, Apollo Beach, Lithia, Parrish, Winter Haven or Sarasota orthodontist will adjust the archwire at each appointment, applying consistent pressure to your teeth and gums to gradually move your teeth into their ideal position.

While standard braces hold the archwire in place with metal ties and elastic bands, Damon Braces use a self-ligating system with a built-in clip. The sliding technology means no ligatures are needed. The Damon System also replaces traditional heavy archwire with a lightweight shape-memory wire. Each component works to move teeth more quickly and comfortably.

Advantages of Damon Braces over traditional braces

Smaller brackets and an optimized design offer many benefits to those who choose Damon Braces over conventional types of braces, such as:

  • Faster adjustments: There’s no need to replace individual metal ties and elastic bands during orthodontic appointments. The easy open-and-shut self-ligating brackets make adjustments less time-consuming.
  • Easier cleaning: Traditional ties and bands can trap food particles. The smoother Damon Braces are easier to keep clean.
  • Gentler alignment experience: Gone are scratchy metal ties and elastics that result in friction and pressure. Damon Braces cause less discomfort.
  • Quicker treatment: The high-tech aligning system reduces overall treatment times. However, the duration varies based on your unique orthodontic needs.
  • Better results: Damon Braces can provide a broader smile than conventional braces. This feature helps enhance your overall facial profile.

Types of Damon Braces

Damon Braces are available in two options — metal braces and clear braces. At Hess Orthodontics, we customize your braces treatment based on your needs to ensure a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.

Damon Clear: Damon Metal Braces is a modern innovation that can change your perception of traditional metal braces. The stunning design features small brackets that are less noticeable than standard braces. The sleek, compact Damon Metal Braces also have smooth corners for a more comfortable treatment experience.

Even if you have a challenging misalignment, Damon Metal Braces in West Coastal and Central Florida can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Plus, this option is stronger and more resistant to breakage from eating, brushing, and daily wear and tear than traditional solutions.

Damon Metal: Damon Clear Braces may be your best choice if you want a discreet option that blends more seamlessly with your teeth than traditional braces. Made with a transparent or tooth-colored ceramic material, Damon Clear Braces easily blend in with your smile. This nearly invisible braces option is subtle yet effective, using the same innovative technology as Damon Metal Braces.

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Comparison between Damon Metal and Damon Clear Braces

When you choose Hess Orthodontics, we will carefully walk you through your orthodontic treatment options, helping you find the best choice for your unique needs. Some similarities and differences between Damon Metal and Damon Clear Braces include:

Both Damon Metal and Damon Clear are self-ligating braces, combining better comfort with outstanding results. The main difference is their appearance. Damon Metal Braces are made of durable stainless steel, while Damon Clear Braces are made of ceramic that blends in with your teeth.

Treatment complexity and duration
Both Damon Clear and Damon Metal Braces use gentle force to straighten teeth and provide a beautiful, natural smile. There is no difference in the treatment quality or results. If you have a more complex orthodontic case, our team will discuss your best braces option.

Treatment duration varies from person to person. The average treatment time for Damon Metal Braces and Damon Clear Braces is 16 to 18 months. Teens and children often experience quicker timelines as their mouths are still growing. During your complimentary consultation, you’ll receive a personalized treatment estimate.

Comfort and maintenance
Damon Clear and Metal Braces are designed with rounded edges and self-ligating technology for a more comfortable treatment experience. Clear braces have a reputation for staining, but Damon Clear Braces are made from a ceramic material that does not stain. Also, while metal braces tend to be more durable than clear traditional braces, you can ensure your Damon Metal or Damon Clear Braces last for the duration of your treatment process by following our guidelines.

Our team will also provide optimal oral hygiene and care instructions at each orthodontic appointment.

How much do braces cost?

The cost of braces varies depending on your specific orthodontic issues. The best way to discover your estimated braces cost is to visit us for a complimentary consultation. We strive to offer affordable braces in the Greater Tampa Area and have flexible financing options to ensure everyone can receive the orthodontic care they need.

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Find the right braces for you at Hess Orthodontics

The team at Hess Orthodontics works to provide you with a personalized smile journey that gives you the smile you’ve always wanted. Our orthodontists partner with you, listening to your unique preferences and orthodontic treatment goals. At your complimentary consultation exam, we will evaluate your teeth’s alignment, oral health and other conditions that could influence treatment and help you determine the best type of braces for you.

Our experienced team is always happy to answer your questions or concerns throughout your time in braces in RiverviewLithiaApollo BeachParrish Sarasota or Winter Haven.

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