When can kids get braces?

Chances are high that if your child has misaligned teeth, they will need a little help to unlock their smile’s full potential. But when should kids get braces? One of the most frequent questions we hear is about the ideal time to bring your child to the orthodontist. Is there a perfect age for starting braces treatment?

Learn more about the right time to let the experts at Hess Orthodontics create a blueprint for your child’s future smile. Schedule a complimentary consultation with the Hess Orthodontics team now!

Why do children need braces?

There is no hard and fast starting point for beginning treatment. The truth is, it is recommended by the AAO that your child see an orthodontist by age seven. Visiting an orthodontist by this age does not necessarily mean starting treatment, however. Instead, this allows the orthodontist to get to know your child and develop an alignment game plan.

During childhood, many changes occur to the mouth, teeth, and jaws. Every child has a unique mouth, and each condition requires a different intervention level. Many parents will notice issues emerge with their kiddo’s bite alignment. Common issues include:

  • Overcrowding
  • Asymmetrical bite
  • Crooked teeth
  • Overbites and underbites

Orthodontic intervention can improve many of these conditions. However, most children will not need intervention at an early age. If we determine that your child does require a little more help early on, we use a two-phase approach to orthodontic treatment.

Since young children’s teeth — and the underlying membrane structure — are more pliable at a younger age, early intervention may minimize the extent of later treatment. A two-phase system promotes shorter treatment times and lifelong results.

The first treatment phase involves wearing a dental appliance at an early age. This phase could include wearing appliances like expanders, retainers, or partial braces. Then the second phase uses braces to finish the alignment.

While treatment is not usually recommended at age 7, Hess Orthodontics offers a complimentary Growth Guidance program that allows us to observe your child’s development until they are ready to begin their smile journey.

Learn more about the right time to let the experts at Hess Orthodontics create a blueprint for your child’s future smile. Schedule a complimentary consultation with the Hess Orthodontics team now!

When is the best time for your child to get braces?

Most children begin orthodontic treatment between the ages of 9 and 14. This period is crucial because it is usually when primary teeth have fallen out, and the adult teeth have emerged.

While many children begin their orthodontic journey at age 7, it is not until later that they actually start wearing braces. Until it is clear your child needs braces, Hess Orthodontics offers complimentary Growth Guidance appointments that include x-rays and consultations.

During these appointments, Growth Guidance Coordinator evaluates your child’s bite, oral habits, and airway. Through consultation with the Growth Guidance Coordinator, you can better understand what options will improve your child’s smile.

Hess Orthodontics is proud to offer many different options for your child. Learn more about how the professionals at Hess Orthodontics improve your child’s smile with clear braces, metal braces, or even clear aligners.

Starting your child’s smile journey in Riverview, Lithia, Parrish, Sarasota, Winter Haven or Apollo Beach

Knowing when to start your child’s treatment is an essential consideration for any parent. Beginning routine orthodontist visits by the time your child is seven helps them become acclimated to the office environment and gives our experts a one-one chance to get to know their needs.

There’s never a wrong time to start your child’s smile journey. If you are unsure of your child’s needs, schedule a complimentary appointment now. Let the professionals at Hess Orthodontics examine your child and design their unique treatment plan. Call us, or book your appointment online now.