Invisalign® Teen

Why do teens need clear aligners?

Your teen might want clear aligners because they are concerned about their appearance. Invisalign Teen aligns teeth and gives your teen the confidence to smile. The treatment can also help with underlying issues caused by crooked or misaligned teeth. Crowded teeth can even make cleaning teeth challenging, leading to conditions like gingivitis and bad breath. Invisalign Teen treats a wide range of orthodontic issues using advanced technology to ensure your child has a beautiful smile and healthy teeth.

About Invisalign for teens

Invisalign Teen are custom trays designed to guide teeth where they need to go. They work by placing gentle pressure on your child’s teeth until they are repositioned. Our specialists take a digital scan of your child’s teeth and make a custom alignment plan that will work best for them. The clear aligners are made to fit your teen’s mouth at each stage of the treatment.

They will only need to come for appointments every 12 weeks for an examination and for our team to observe their progress. Your teen will get new aligner sets as their teeth change gradually until the desired result is achieved.

Benefits of Invisalign Teen aligners

It can be challenging to choose the best orthodontic treatment for teens. There are many considerations to make, from cost to care and commitment. Our Invisalign experts will work with you to determine the best option for your teen’s situation.

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