How loose brackets happen and how to fix them

Braces work to align your teeth and deliver an outstanding, healthy smile. The process takes some time, and unexpected setbacks like loose brackets occasionally slow your progress to a shiny, new smile.

If you experience a break in your bracket, loosened wires, or any irregularities in your treatment, schedule an appointment at Hess Orthodontics immediately. Our team provides quality care, repairing detached brackets so that you can worry less about your treatment.

How loose brackets happen

When our team at Hess Orthodontics places your braces, we pay attention to specific details, clearing your tooth surfaces of any debris or wetness to ensure your brackets adhere to your teeth properly. However, brackets, by nature, protrude from the center of each tooth, restricting some typical biting and eating habits of our patients.

If you bite pens or nails, grind your teeth, or eat hard candies and popcorn, these actions could cause damage to your braces. Our experts recommend:

  • Careful brushing,
  • Mouthguards for special activities like sports and sleeping,
  • Avoidance of sticky, brittle foods.

Following these guidelines can protect your brackets from becoming loose or breaking.

What to do if you break a bracket

If your bracket loosens, call Hess Orthodontics immediately. Let our staff know what caused the detached or shifted bracket so we can properly advise you on how to care for your braces.

Occasionally, you may need to wait a few days before getting your brackets re-mounted. In this case, apply orthodontic wax or sugar-free gum to the bracket to hold it in place. If the bracket completely breaks free of the tooth, save it, and bring the bracket to your appointment.

Orthodontic wax also helps alleviate any sores caused by loose wires, which often accompany broken brackets. If your wire becomes detached, try gently fixing it to your brackets with a Q-tip. 

Every situation differs, so call the experts at Hess Orthodontics before addressing any issues related to out-of-place or missing brackets and wires.

Is your braces bracket loose? Contact your orthodontist!

Orthodontic options

At Hess Orthodontics, we work with you to create an aligned, balanced smile that enhances your dental hygiene and confidence. However, without properly placed braces, your smile’s progress may be delayed.

Schedule an appointment at Hess Orthodontics in Riverview, Apollo Beach, Lithia, Parrish, Sarasota or Winter Haven immediately if you notice any damage or abnormalities in your brackets or braces. Our caring team hopes to help you with your orthodontic needs and do everything we can to keep you smiling!