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Invisalign® Clear Aligners

For adults and teens looking to straighten their smiles, Invisalign offers a smart alternative to traditional braces. As a proud Diamond Plus provider, Hess Orthodontics provides superior care for your smile. Start your smile journey with a complimentary consultation now!


What Are Invisalign Clear Aligners?

For over two decades, the Invisalign clear align system has given over 3 million patients a convenient and comfortable solution to braces. Invisalign substitutes metal hardware and rubber bands for a clear plastic appliance specifically molded to make small, gradual movements to your teeth. Over time, new aligners are changed out as the patient progressively achieves their desired results. 

Invisalign is an attractive alternative for adults and teens alike. Consult with our expert team of orthodontic professionals to learn if clear aligners are the right for you! Schedule your complimentary consultation today!

What Are The Benefits of Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible in appearance and allow the patient to enjoy the perks of an ideal smile. Invisalign wearers enjoy flexible treatment plans with aligners that the patient can easily remove when eating or drinking. These benefits allow for a cleaner and more comfortable treatment experience.

Remove With Ease

Invisalign clear aligners are not stationary appliances. Therefore you can remove them quickly. During treatment, you will need to commit to wearing your aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours per day.

Low Visibility

Invisalign aligners are made out of pliable, transparent acrylic material that fits neatly over your teeth. This custom-fitted tray gives your smile a more natural look, allowing you more peace of mind during your day. 

Comfort That Fits Your Lifestyle

With Invisalign, you don’t need to worry about rubber bands or metal wires scratching the inside of your mouth. The smooth, custom-fitted aligners are tailor-fitted to your smile; no poking or prodding.

How Does Invisalign Get Results?

Over the last 20+ years, Invisalign has revolutionized orthodontic technology. Using a series of clear plastic trays, Invisalign users get to enjoy a comfortable and discreet treatment. Many people are surprised to learn that invisalign can handle severe irregularities like overbites, underbites, gapped teeth, and crowded teeth.

During your complimentary consultation, one of our team members will create a 3D image of your teeth. This process will help your team make a plan that will monitor and strategize your ideal alignment. We will then share this information with you, even giving you a digital preview of how your teeth will change over time. Dr. Hess has used Invisalign to get extraordinary results. 

If Invisalign isn’t right for your needs, don’t worry! We offer many options, including clear braces, Damon Braces, and traditional metal braces. 

After receiving your first Invisalign aligner, you’ll need to check in with the team at Hess Orthodontics roughly every 12 weeks. Many appointments will be as simple as switching to the next Invisalign aligner set.

Getting ideal results requires wearing your aligners for 20-22 hours a day. While easy to remove, we encourage you only to take the aligner out when necessary, as prolonged periods without wearing your aligners may delay treatment. 

Close up of hands with purple nail polish holding a clear aligner.

How Long Does Invisalign Treatment Take?

Every set of teeth is unique, just like you! There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all treatment. You may need different levels of intervention depending on your needs. However, many patients complete their treatment time within 12 to 18 months. But don’t be surprised if you notice results in as little as six weeks! 

After your treatment is done, patients will be required to use a retainer as instructed by their doctor. Schedule a complimentary consultation with Hess Orthodontics today.

Invisalign Teen


Hess Orthodontics is a proud provider of Invisalign Teen! With Invisalign Teen, there’s no long appointments to adjust wires, or difficult brushing. Plus it’s easy to maintain the aligners. Offering clear comfort and discretion, Invisalign may be the right choice for improving your teen’s smile!

Invisalign Adult

Woman with curly hair looking in the mirror and applying her clear aligners.

There’s never a wrong time in life to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of having! Invisalign Adults offer an affordable solution that won’t interfere with your demanding lifestyle. Learn more about how Invisalign lets adults enjoy a head-turning smile. 

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Choosing to invest in your smile is always a good decision. Due to every treatment plan being individualized, the cost of Invisalign will vary from patient to patient. That said, the average treatment cost for Invisalign is roughly between $4000-$8000, before insurance. 

Nothing should come between you and a brilliant smile. We help make your treatment easy with:

he doctor puts transparent aligners on the teeth of the artificial jaw

Getting ideal results requires wearing your aligners for 20-22 hours a day. While easy to remove, we encourage you only to take the aligner out when necessary, as prolonged periods without wearing your aligners may delay treatment. 

Flexible Monthly Payments

We help reduce your stress with affordable financing that features flexible payments and making your life easier. 

No Interest In-House Financing

We don’t believe in unexpected fees. As a patient you enjoy 0% interest throughout your treatment. 

No Down Payment

Our team will work with you to find the most comfortable monthly payment for your budget!

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) or Health Savings Accounts (HSA) Reimbursements

We will help you file for FSA or HSA reimbursement through your company plan. As an added bonus we will file all your paperwork — and anything else you need.

Find The Best Invisalign Care Near You

For over 15 years, Hess Orthodontics has taken care of smiles across the entire West Central Coast of Florida. We have helped people across Lithia, Parrish, Riverview, Sarasota, and Apollo Beach experience their best smile with Invisalign, clear braces, Damon Braces, and traditional metal braces.
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